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Advertising data
Google Analytics
Data Studio

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Implementation of GA4
Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns

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Data integration and visualization
Google Ads and Facebook Ads

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E-commerce shops looking to grow a business with reliable data

Companies that want to use their marketing budget more effectively

Teams that want to expand their skills

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With WitCloud, the data of Everyone advertising systems, e-commerce platforms, analytics tools and Google Sheets are stored in one place.

Our system downloads them automatically and saves them in Google BigQuery. With the ready-made solutions in the Google Data Studio, you can easily visualize the data collected by the WitCloud platform and create a coherent report.

Compare the standard report with the report generated by WitCloud!


Access qualitative learning materials Analytics and Marketing.
Develop your company consciously and independently by developing your skills. They achieve their professional success through online courses prepared by leading specialists and practitioners with many years of experience.


Witbee not only offers technology and know-how, but also full support for your ongoing operations by providing comprehensive analysis and marketing services.

Our areas of competence include:

✓ Google Ads for E-Commerce
✓ Facebook Ads for E-Commerce
✓ Implementation of Google Analytics 4
✓ Create and optimize product files
✓ Onboarding WitCloud
✓ Marketing and analysis consulting


At Witbee, we know exactly how important marketing and analytics are to your business! Our clients are discovering insights that traditional analytics platforms won't show for optimizing marketing efforts.
In addition, a team of experienced Specialists offers support on how to use the knowledge gained to maximize profits.

Check out the case studies of our clients and see for yourself what benefits working with WitBee delivers!

Case study - Highly Effective Strategie to Increase Ecommerce sale by 284% year to year

We present a case study from 3 years of systematic work in an e-commerce store, showing the increase in revenue and profit as well as the expansion of sales into 5 new markets.

Desportivo is a shop that supplies sportswear. The store focuses on a selected range of good quality products, which are fashionable and willingly bought. Desportivo is also an official distributor of Alpinus - a legendary outdoor brand.

How to build an analytical culture in your company and increase results with data case studies of Orange

The number of leads increased by 86%, while marketing spending was reduced by 33%. Read the officially released case study on Think With Google.

"WitCloud let us collect, integrate, process, analyse and effectively use data in Google Marketing & Cloud Platforms. This has been proven by increasing sales and reducing costs in marketing activities."

Adam Skręt | Digital & Performance Director, Orange Polska

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