Implementation of Google Analytics 4

Go to a new level of analytics and start optimizing marketing channels based on Google Analytics 4.

If you are using Google Analytics 4 and want to be sure that you are working with the collected data, we can help you! We provide support at every stage – implementing, configuring, and reporting based on Google BigQuery and Google Data Studio integrations.

Content of the service

  • Audit and specification for the data layer e-commerce module
  • Cooperation with the IT department
  • Implementation of codes in Google Tag Manager
  • Configuration of the settings
  • Prepare basic reports in Google Data Studio
  • Combine Google Analytics 4 data with marketing costs
The best solution

Witbee role in this project

1. Analysis of needs

We analyze your needs, in particular your goals and business challenges you want to address, and then determine the scope of implementation and pricing..

2. Audit of implementation

We review the status of the current implementation of the data layer on the website to determine if a full implementation of Google Analytics 4 is possible.

3. Specification

If the data layer for the previous version of Google Analytics was implemented correctly, we can use it. If required, we will create a specification to improve the implementation and work with your IT team to implement the correct data layer as quickly as possible.

4. GA4 implementation

Once we have implemented the data layer correctly, we help you implement Google Analytics 4 codes in the Google Tag Manager, including support for “Consent Mode” on websites.

5. Data configuration and export

We’ll check your account configuration settings and help you create a data export in Google BigQuery if you haven’t already done so.

6. Report in Data Studio

We deliver a report in the Google Data Studio with the most important metrics of Google Analytics 4.

7. Further development

We discuss the implemented implementation and jointly determine further steps to develop the analysis, including linking marketing costs to data from Google Analytics 4

What do you get?

Complete implementation of Google Analytics 4, based on best practices and Google documentation

audit and specification file based on your current data layer implementation – we keep our fingers crossed for everything to be green to make the implementation as fast as possible:)

Report and additional content to consider when using Google Analytics 4

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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