AzaGroup success story

Taking advantage of Google Cloud in business and marketing

AZAGroup has been operating since 2016. It is currently the online sales leader in the clothing category, having such brands in its portfolio as Born2be, Renee and Multu.


  • Building a data warehouse in Google BigQuery
  • Attribution modeling with an account of business values


  • Attribution based on business data, i.e. profit, returns, complaints and all marketing expenses
  • Product reports enriched with business, cost and attribution data


AzaGroup within just 4 years has achieved rapid business development and has become a large-scale enterprise. One of AZAGroup's three brands alone, Born2be, ships out its products to several million customers.

Such a success, in such a short time, has been achieved thanks to advanced data analysis and the use of the WitCloud platform created by WitBee. It is a solution that accelerates and automates data collection, processing and reporting – using Google Cloud Platform services and products for marketing.

Challenge - data-driven attribution

Our task was to use Google Cloud technology to combine business data such as profit, returns and complaints, advertising expenses with Google Analytics 360 data. The final assumption of the project was to evaluate attribution models based on business data, and not classically based on revenue. Previous solutions, although very advanced, could not meet the challenge quickly and at a low cost. The process of employing and implementing the WitCloud platform consisted of several steps. All data was collected into the Google BigQuery data warehouse, which is part of the Google Cloud Platform ecosystem.

“Based on the attribution data provided by the WitCloud platform, we learn exactly where we need to increase and where to reduce marketing expenses. The obtained results are appreciated by our specialists, managers and directors. A few decisions were enough to get a return on the investment and continue choosing precise optimization solutions. We highly value the cooperation with the guys, their professionalism, meticulousness in tasks and openness to new ideas and implementations."

Łukasz Robaszewski | Vice President, AZAGroup

Description of the entire process

Data collection

Collecting data from Google Analytics 360 and extending its schema - the dataset includes new columns for marketing cost attribution and data from the ERP system, which are not present in the native integration of Google Analytics 360 with BigQuery.

ERP data integration - all business data was stored by the Client. Another milestone was the transfer of this data to Google BigQuery.

Integration of marketing expenses - AZAGroup uses more than 10 systems and advertising partners, including Google Ads and Facebook Ads. All this data is collected automatically and saved in Google BigQuery.

Data processing

Combining ERP data and expenses data from Google Analytics 360 - using ready-made WitCloud modules for data import and cost attribution, we combined all relevant data. This enabled the rendering of a table containing all the necessary information for proper attribution modeling.

Attribution configuration based on integrated business data - using the WitCloud module, an attribution was configured that included the actual profit of the company. The calculations used standard attribution models, i.e. First Click, Last Click, Linear, Position-Based and the Funnel Data-Driven model, which takes into account the quality of a session.


Attribution report at the product level - the reports generated at this stage rendered the analysis of the profitability of individual channels and the products sold thanks to them. It could be observed through the prism of 5 attribution models. To illustrate the data, we used Google Data Studio, which is natively integrated with Google BigQuery.

Sample product attribution report

Integrity and repeatability of all processes

Workflow configuration in the WitCloud platform - the order in which all the above-mentioned steps are performed is very important. This is to ensure the quickest possible availability of error-free data. The Workflow module allows you to run scheduled tasks in the right order. If a task cannot be performed - e.g. due to the lack of ready data in the external system - the module ensures re-scheduling of the same task later on.

Sample configuration in the workflow module

Benefits and the decision making to implement the solution for all markets and brands

Thanks to ready-made solutions of the WitCloud platform and Google Cloud technology, the implementation time was significantly reduced. The first MVP of business attribution was created in just three weeks. Consequently, we could promptly benefit from the advanced analytics integrated into one tool and swiftly receive feedback, which subsequently allowed for further development. We would like to add that similar implementations without ready-made solutions took up to several months. The ready-made solutions feature great savings of time and costs of hiring IT professionals, data engineers and analysts. Research and development projects of this type often require combining the competencies of several specialists, which grows into a large investment.

Thanks to the above-mentioned arguments and better financial results of the company in advertising campaigns arising from business analyzes, AZAGroup decided to implement the WitCloud platform in the most important markets and brands, i.e. Born2be, Renee.

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