Orange Poland & WitBee - How to build an analytical culture, increase sales using Google Analytics 360

Oskar Maciejek
Case study
Apr 5, 2019

Orange Poland SA, the leader on the Polish telecommunications market, has decided to implement Google Analytics 360 in order to build an analytical culture in the entire organization and optimize media activities. They chose WitBee as a strategic partner in this project.

The result of this collaboration is the official Case Study described by Google on the Think With Google page:

As WitBee we have offered them full support when implementing Google Analytics 360, data processing solutions, the optimisation of auction media and IT support and development in order to accomplish below listed goals:

  • Build infrastructure for quick implementation of marketing and analytical tags
  • Measuring and verifying shopping paths on each process
  • Building an analytical culture within an organisation, streamlining the sharing of data-driven insights internally
  • The connection of offline and online data
  • Analysis of the attribution of internal promotions
  • Optimisation of campaign sales results based on online and offline data


  • Define business requirements
  • Provide training and support
  • Develop and execute measurement and tag implementation using Google Tag Manager and Data Layer
  • Full implementation of Enhanced Ecommerce to analyse shopping paths and internal promotions
  • Use Google Analytics 360 Big Query integration to combine offline and online data
  • Use Data Studio to visualise processes for each shopping path including offline transaction statuses
  • Processing data in Big Query in order to receive reports presenting the attribution and effectiveness of internal promotions
  • Creation of user segmentation and integration with Google Ads
  • Using Data Layer to automate media processes, e.g. Dynamic Remarketing in Google Ads, Marketing Automation Tools and other 3rd party solution providers


  • Real-time reports with shopping paths on all processes, tailored to individual departments within Orange
  • Rapid implementation of internal and external tags thanks to the prepared variable and well-designed Data Layer on the Orange website which results in a significant reduction of IT costs in this area
  • Increasing in the number of leads by 86%, while reducing the budget for their acquisition by 33% after the implementation of a new campaign structure based on the combination of online and offline data
  • Significantly increase the number of orders made directly by the shopping process on
  • Analytical culture in the organisation - many people use data and prepared reports in Data Studio in order to optimise their business goals

Audit of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and the technical side of the service

Firstly, the Orange Analytical Team and Witbee started gathering information about the data the organisation demands within the website's operation. Using this data, a detailed audit of Google Analytics implementation and configuration had been made in order to verify if Orange is able to deliver qualitative reports for its employees. As a result, the audit has identified data problems and pointed out the key areas in which the whole organisation has to improve.

Creating a strategy - analytical and implementation plan

Based on an audit, the Orange Analytical Team and Witbee prepared the plan by considering the micro and macro goals of the website. In order to complete it, a method of implementing a full and rich DataLayer had been introduced, which is, essentially the ‘dictionary’ between the IT Team, the Marketing Department and others. The concept was based on the comprehensive implementation of the Enhanced Ecommerce module which was adapted to the processes on the site. In addition, the migration of most of the site tags to Google Tag Manager was included. This system allows for the ease of tag management and significantly decreases IT costs.

Preparing a team with dedicated workshops to fulfil the plan

In order to fulfil the extensive analytical and implementation plan, Orange employees raised their competences during numerous meetings and practical workshops, which were organised by the strategic partner WitBee in the field of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize and technical aspects of the site necessary in this project.

Deployment of the implementation plan

Due to the fact that the plan assumed comprehensive tracking of all areas of the website, Orange and Witbee had to face considerable challenges related to the dynamically changing service infrastructure and the workload of IT departments. Despite this, the plan was effectively realised. The implemented Data Layer allowed for complex configuration of the work environment in Google Tag Manager and a fast and efficient implementation of measuring events which are necessary for the analytical strategy.

Usage of Big Query to integrate offline and online data

After the deployment of the plan on the website, the next great challenge was to connect the transaction and media data in Google Analytics with the orders and leads statuses which end up in different channels like Call Center, Delivery etc.
Witbee, in cooperation with the Analytical Team, delivered a suitable solution combining Google Analytics 360 Big Query Export with Orange’s internal systems which have the transaction statuses.
The result was the complex and automatically updated database, which became a great contribution to the creation of the necessary reports within the organisation.

Preparation of reports in Data Studio

Based on the analytical strategy, more than 20 views have been set up in Google Analytics, with properly segmented data and goals through the prism of B2B and B2C clients. This allows for the preparation of dedicated reports and dashboards for individual departments within the organisation. Thanks to data integration in Big Query, the visualisation of all shopping paths inside the site, enriched with offline data, was possible.

Performing full data analysis and drawing conclusions

Thanks to properly prepared reports, Orange is able to analyse individual purchasing processes, responding to anomalies and efficiently detecting potential technical errors.
The key added value of these reports is the ability to thoroughly analyse traffic sources, in particular, Google Ads with an analysis of shopping paths through the context of Google search queries and final offline transaction data.
The next challenge for Orange was to do an assessment of effectiveness internal promotions delivered by Marketing Automation tools. Using the full implementation of enhanced ecommerce and integration with Big Query, Orange was able to do a comprehensive analysis of the attribution of internal advertising participating in the shopping path. It allows to optimise and make significant changes in the strategy and creatives of Marketing Automation.

Optimising media and achieving satisfactory results

Advanced reports and detailed analyses have been used to optimise advertising activities for the organisation’s key product in a given period, i.e. The Internet based on FTTH (fiber to the home) which is the technology of providing the Internet with a fiber optic lead directly to the clients' locations. Thanks to the huge scale of investments in 2018, 3 million households in Poland are within the reach of fibre optics already, and by 2020 this number will reach 5 million. All this makes Orange the market leader in providing modern Internet.
Other events which have been included in the analytical plan include: the verification of technical possibilities for a given address entered by the user, selection of a specific offer, selection of speed, the partial filling of the purchase form and finally, displaying a TYP (Thank You Page). Based on these, the user's involvement in the purchase process has been assessed.
The insight into how clients behave allows Orange and Witbee to create a number of scenarios used in media campaigns.
In June 2018 the new campaign structure was launched, in the second half of the year the number of leads increased by 86% while the budget for acquisition was reduced by 33%. Effectiveness increased as the team continued to optimise the campaign in 2019, with 75% more leads and 41% less budget compared to January 2018.
What’s more, Orange noticed a significant increase in the number of orders made directly by the shopping process on website.


The realisation of business goals, what's next...

Building the analytical culture in Orange was one of the key goals in the organisation. Thanks to the data Orange is able to achieve better sales results and efficiently work on optimising the operation of their website.

The data indicates us a many directions to action:

  • Currently Orange is working on optimising sales campaigns for other products
  • The organisation integrates and process further data in order to create omnichannel analyzes includes channels such as e-commerce, mobile applications, and physical locations
  • Orange is implementing Firebase technology in its mobile apps
  • Orange is planning to use machine learning modules in the GCP environment to automate as many as possible process related to media optimisation

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