Consent Mode

If you want to track marketing and analytics data on the website and want to do so legally, you must have a properly implemented consent management system for user tracking. A pop-up or pop-up bar on the page no longer solves the problem – it must be integrated into your current implementation of all marketing and analytics codes placed on the website.

If you merely display a “banner” informing you about the tracking of cookies, and you do not allow the user to change the tracking settings, your implementation does not comply with the current principles of European legislation and the guidelines of the European Data Protection Board.

Compliance with these rules is also monitored by technology companies – you may receive information about the blocking of your advertising account, such as Google Ads, if you do not resolve the rule violation issue. Do you need assistance in implementing a consent management system? This offer is for you.

Content of the service

  • Checking the implementation of marketing and analysis codes on the website
  • Implementing a compliance management tool
  • Changing the settings for tags in Google Tag Manager
The best solution

What is Witbee’s role in this project?

1. Analysis of the current implementation

We talk to you to understand your true goals and business and technology opportunities.
We find out what you want to measure with the data layer and then determine the scale of implementation and the price.

2. Consent Management Tooll

Due to legal requirements, numerous systems for managing marketing consent have been developed. During this phase, we help you select the right software and support you in the correct configuration and implementation on the website.

3. Changing the settings for tags in GTM

After the correct implementation of the consent management tool, we run the “Consent Mode” function in the Google Tag Manager and adjust the implementation of the individual tags. During this phase, we also conduct an implementation debug process to verify that the compliance management system and the implementation are functioning consistently and compliant.

What do you get?

✓ Specify the current implementation with reference to your current implementation of marketing and analytics codes on the website

✓ Implementation of a consent management tool, along with the help of selecting the right software and configuration

✓ The “Consent Mode” function in Google Tag Manager and the implementation of individual tags correctly implemented

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